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         Aussie China Matchmaking Service provides a series of services from the beginning to end, i.e. every stage of your marriage life. It is located at the centre of Box Hill, next to Box Hill Shopping Centre and opposite to the post office. We’re endeavoured to provide a convenient, comfortable and elegant environment for our clients.
Our service will stick to the principles of being honest, sincere, loving and helpful. All our clients will become the members of our service. We only employ highly educated, professional and dedicated staff. We’ll put ourselves in your shoes. Treat our clients the way we want to be treated. We’ll find out your real needs and help you find your true love through our down-to-earth research. To set up a good name and promote our services through the words of mouth is our long-term goal.
Our service’s aim is: To make everyday of your life filled with surprises. We’ll hold a series of parties and gatherings regularly, through face to face conversations and communications, our members will have a thorough understanding to every aspect of the lives of the other members. Though these interactions, the members will normally have a deeper realisation to themselves, lift them up to another level. By caring and sharing, they’ll find it much easier to mix up with the main stream of society.
Every member is encouraged to express himself/herself and share his/her life. Every member’s life experience is a vivid story that will motivate others.
Our happiness is built on our member’s happiness and to help our members find their other half is our internal inspiration.
We sincerely wish, with your active involvement, together with all our staff’s contributions, you’ll harvest love and care beyond your expectations.
We set up the platform
You’ll perform like a star
That’s the gift we’ll offer you
Let’s party hand in hand!

Aussie China Match Making Service Pty Ltd
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Tel:  (03) 9890 9188
Mob:        0428 896 888
Web:        www.ozshouqianshou.com
Email:      ozshouqianshou@live.com.au
Address: Suite 2, 35A Carrington Road, Box Hill, VIC 3128 Australia

Aussie China Match Making Service Pty Ltd 澳大利亚手牵手联谊中心

Add:Suite2, 35A Carrington Road, Box Hill VIC 3151
Tel:(03) 9890 9188
Mobile:0428 896 888
Web: www.ozshouqianshou.com
Email: ozshouqianshou@live.com.au

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