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What we Offer Pre-marriage Services

  1. One to one introduction service.
  2. By organising indoor and outdoor activities, to provide an opportunity for members. They can meet people from all walks of life, broaden their social circle, promote themselves and even find their life-time partners.
  3. To hold seminars on different topics and enhance the awareness and social skills of our members.
  4. To provide professional photography services.
  5. Marriage celebrancy and registration service & Wedding ceremony service.

Post-marriage Services

  1. Parentage education, maternity child care education and specific child care issues.
  2. How to create a healthy family culture (through a series of seminars)

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Aussie China Match Making Service Pty Ltd 澳大利亚手牵手联谊中心

Add:Suite2, 35A Carrington Road, Box Hill VIC 3151
Tel:(03) 9890 9188
Mobile:0428 896 888
Web: www.ozshouqianshou.com
Email: ozshouqianshou@live.com.au

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